Chivukula Trust


(Regd no 121/2014 of Bk – 4)

Background /Preamble


Sri Chivukula Narayana Murty along with his wife, Mahalakshmi and six children arrived in Rajahmundry in the early months of 1947. Prior to that he was employed as a Thanedaar in the Pithapuram Estate. With the dissolution of small Kingdoms and Estates existing prior to Independence, the family was searching for a place to settle down for their living. They chose Rajahmundry, Capital of erstwhile Raja Raja Narendra’s kingdom, for its rich cultural and literary heritage.

Work one has to, in order to survive and keep the family going. Sri Narayana Murty secured employment as an accountant, in Andhra Weavers Co-operative Society which later became A P Handlooms. With limited financial resources and increasing family size as years passed by, the family had to balance their affairs tactfully and efficiently.

Sri Narayana Murty, being a patriot, took his children around to show Independence Day celebrations on August 15 1947, and got new clothes for all of them every year on August 15 for many years. He was a strict disciplinarian and strongly believed that the future of the children, to become good citizens, is in Education and formulated a blue print for their education, not distinguishing whether the child is a boy or girl. He, with his modern outlook and his wife, a karma yogi, with her traditional knowledge, instilled the importance of education, culture, a broad outlook, tolerance and equality towards others, irrespective of religion, cast or creed. The children attended government schools and colleges, cooperated with each other in financing their education for obtaining various degrees in both science and engineering disciplines.

With this background their sons and daughters, travelled to regions within and outside India that gave them opportunity to acquire wide knowledge and a much broader outlook.

Formation of TRUST

Presently the children of Sri Narayana Murty and Mahalakshmi are retired and have been wanting to do something in the honour of their parents. When two of them, after consultations between themselves, came up with the idea of founding an educational trust in their parent’s name, all the rest joined hands, to perpetuate the noble idea of their parents that proper education is the road to prosperity and making of good citizens.

Thus “Chivukula Mahalakshmi and Narayana Murty Memorial Trust” was initiated on Oct 3, 2014 Vijayadashami day with an objective to provide financial assistance to poor and deserving students. All the sons and daughters of Chivukula Mahalakshmi and Narayana Murty are Trustees, eight in number, and all the contributions to the Trust are only from their families. They formulated detailed procedures for fund disbursement, selection and enrolment of the students, etc.

The Trust’s motto


Present Status

Trustees started enrolling students from 5th October 2014 onwards. The TRUST was registered on 24th November 2014. By 31st March 2015 there are 25 students including intermediate 17, science and commerce graduate students 2, engineering students 5 and M.C.A student 1.

In the shortest possible time, the Trust has opened a bank account, acquired Income Tax PAN Card and opened email account (

Address of the TRUST:
Flat # 202, SAI RAGHAVA TOWERS, 74-13-11/6, Prakashnagar, RAJAHMUNDRY 533103. Telephone (0883)2430962

Contact persons:
Smt B.P.Ratnam, Secretary +91 9652894821 and Chivukula Sivanadha Sastry, Treasurer (0883)2430962.

Trustees are always on the lookout for economically backward and deserving students to enroll, in the CM & NM Memorial Trust.

Further details can be had from the contact persons.

Beneficiaries of AKC College, Rajahmundry