About Us

Rajahmundry.net – Community resource for people in and from Rajahmundry started in 1998 and has connect people from Rajahmundry around the world. Recently Rajahmundry.net has been redesigned to be a local community resource. The site is developed and supported by PLLC Software Solutions, software development company that has one of their offices located in Prakash Nagar, Rajahmundry. PLLC Software Solutions also has Sirius Institute branch in Rajahmundry that provides Technology training.

The goal of the site is to provide accurate information about events, businesses and history. If you want to contribute any content, images or events, please contact us.

The information provided on the site is for informational purposes only. Rajahmundry.net or PLLC Software Solutions are not affiliated to any businesses listed on the site and are not liable for any product/services provided by them.