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 A view of First and Third railway bridges from pushkar ghat, Rajahmundry.  A view of the first railway bridge. Currently this bridge is not in use, as the bridge has become old, in the interest of Public Safety.  Aview of pushkarghat crowded with visitors waiting for a Boat shire. 

 Boats ready for fishing. The road cum railway bridge is also seen in the picture  CTRI, NH-5 Rajahmundry  Damerla Ramarao Memorial Govt Art Gallery entrance. 

 Devi Chowk, one of the busiest city centers in Rajahmundry.  Fruit market in agricultural committee office compound, Korukonda road.  Godavari Railway Station With New Reservation Complex 

 Godavari railway station.  Godavari-Papi Kondalu  Hospital run by Sri Ramakrishna Mission. Treatment is done free of cost. 

 Idol of Lord Ganesha made of Coconuts displayed for River Godavari Pushkarams in Rajahmundry, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh  Long view administrative block of Govt Arts College, Closely covered with trees.  Long view of CTRI front office and administration wing. The name is also clearly visible in the picture. 

 Long view of office of Municipal Coroporation of Rajahmundry.  Long view of Road Cum Rail Bridge.  Office of Mucnicipal Corporation of Rajahmundry 

 People taking holy-dip in River Godavari at Rajahmundry on the occation of Pushkaram  Rail Bridge Banked at Godavari - Rajahmundry  Rajahmundry Railway Bridge 

 Science block in Govt (Arts) College.  Sri Rallabandi Subba Rao Archaeological Museum, Rajahmundry  Statue of Sri Potti Sriramulu 

 The emblum of Central Research Tobacco Institute. The picture also shows the garden developed infront of the office.  The lawn developed infront of the Godavari Railway Station Entrance.  The long view of first and third bridges at a time from above the first bridge. 

 The long view of playground and roads in Govt Arts College  The saraswati statue in the   The welcome arch in back view with National emblum at Lalacheruvu with center Island at Lalacheruvu, maintained by SmithKlime Beecham Consumer Health Care Limited 

 The welcome board of SmithKlime Beecham Consumer Health Care Limited.  Third Railway Bridge constructed across river Godavari.  View of Bridges at Early Hours in Rajahmundry 

 Viewers enjoying the view of bridges while the river is in full flow. 

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      Office of Mucnicipal Corporation of Rajahmundry